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Build Your Own Media Organization!

With new technologies, it is possible for everyone to establish their own one-man media organization, even very simple.

And you must do this.

You ask why?

Here is why.

Why Should You Start Your Own Media Organization?

I am sure that you are aware that the reaction against the mainstream media both in the world and in Turkey has increased and the demand for it has decreased. Because almost all of them are supporters of a single front and now people have many media alternatives.

Therefore, the income sources of all newspapers, large televisions and radio channels are rapidly decreasing. Since newspapers do not sell, many of them switch to online publishing. Due to the fact that people watch less television, most television channels cannot receive commercials.

All of these naturally cause the income in these channels to decline. They are working with less qualified staff as income is dropping, and this causes content quality to constantly decrease.

On the one hand, there are mainstream media whose content quality is constantly decreasing, and on the other hand, there are alternative media where we can access all kinds of quality and satisfying content and share our own content..

So what comes into play as alternatives?

In the first place, famous faces in the classical media started to establish their own channels by taking out newspapers, radios and televisions to meet their audiences directly through the new channels created in the digital world.

The Youtube channel of Cüneyt Özdemir, who is a former journalist, and the podcast channel of Nilay Örnek can be good examples.

Authors and content producers, on the other hand, started to create e-bulletins that could reach their readers directly. Although there are few examples of the e-bulletin in Turkey, there are many in the world.

And we entered a new phase in this trend.

New Phase in Alternative Media

Educators, writers, consultants on various topics and storytellers, who had never been in mainstream media before, but actually did not position themselves as a journalist or a media producer, began to establish their own media organizations.

They started to produce their own media by feeding them with podcasts, YouTube videos, e-newsletters, blog posts and social media channels.

And we see that more and more people like, follow and participate in this type of media.

There are people who we have never been heard of before but now have thousands, even millions of followers. In fact, these people have even fanatic followers..

Benefits of Setting Up a One Man Media Organization

The emerging one-person media organizations are more sincere, they are able to build deeper relationships, produce better quality content, are not part of any party, and are honest. Their income patterns are directly linked to their relationship with their own followers. This makes them more successful content wise..

Apart from the income model of personal media, it also benefits fame and fame. It allows your personal brand to be better known. Frankly, it helps my main business a lot. Because people like to do business with faces they somehow know.

Of course, there are those who do not intend to make money from this business, whether it be a contribution to humanity or to strengthen their personal brands. You can observe that the number of followers of these people increasing very rapidly.

But I think the biggest benefit of transforming into a personal media organization is its contribution to your own personal development.

After all, you make a certain commitment to your followers, and this puts a serious responsibility on you.

What will I tell people today?

What video will I present?

What should I do to attract their attention and contribute to their development?

Since our knowledge is not infinite, you start to feel the obligation to learn new things all the time. As you feel this, you start to gain new habits such as reading more, watching more and thinking more.

For example, I get up very early in the mornings and read a lot about the world. This both contributes to my personal development and to make better decisions. And it also helps to look at the world from a wider perspective.

Above all, it becomes something that motivates me a lot. Because we human beings are social beings. For this, the appreciation and thoughts of others are important.

While a white-collar can get the most appreciation from its managers, when you are a one-man media organization, you get feedback from people you do not know.

Sometimes I get emails from people whose lives I touch, that they really brightens my day. On the contrary, sometimes I get extremely negative reviews and they motivate me to produce better things, to be sure of my content, to make resources stronger.

Yes, having a one-man media organization has benefits in many areas from creating an income model to building fame, from personal development to increasing your motivation.

And the good part is it's so easy now.

To set up a podcast or Youtube channel, all you need to do is extremely simple and basically all you need is your mobile phone.

What Should You Do First When Setting Up a One Man Media Organization?

The first thing to do is decide what you want to tell. For this, it is beneficial to start from an area that interests you.

Then you should think about who else might be interested in these things and put yourself in their shoes and think about what they like to hear, read and watch.

Since the first broadcasts are difficult to spread at first, you can inform your immediate surroundings and gradually shape your content with the feedback you receive from them.

My final advice to you: Establish your organization today!

Use the tools and channels you're comfortable with. Remember, this will also be a digital asset building. In other words, when people search for your name and surname, they will see what they produce there, they will see the quality and desire to learn there.

And you can be sure: This will open up unexpected doors in life.

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